Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I just tell my teacher when I'll miss a lesson?

A. The teachers do not make their schedules.  The office handles all of the schedules for the teachers, so it is always best to inform the office of any changes you may need.

Q. What if I'm late to a lesson?  Can I still get the full 30 or 60 minutes?

A. This is usually impossible to do as the teachers have other students right after your lesson. To give you the full lesson time would then make everyone else after you start and end late which is unfair to them.  The only instance this would be allowed is if you were the teachers last student for the day and they had the time to offer you, this providing the lesson room was available.

Q. If I call within 24 hours to cancel my lesson can I still get a make-up? What if I get sick the last minute?

A. The school needs 24 hours notice to offer you a make-up lesson.  Cancellations made within that time does not give the school enough time to either notify the teacher or fill that slot with another student requiring a make-up lesson themselves. The teacher is paid under these circumstances which is why you'd have to forfeit the lesson fee if you didn't give adequate notice.

Q. Why do I only have 7 days in which to make-up a lesson?  Can't I just add the missed lesson to the end of the program?

A. The school is constantly enrolling new students.  This is why we can't offer you a make-up past the 7 day period.  It is unfair to make new students wait a few weeks, for example till we can offer them a regular time.  Adding a make-up lesson at the end of the program extends the lesson program past its term which is not permitted.
FYI - - - Please note that most other schools offer a fixed number of make-ups where we have no such limitation...within reason, of course.

Q. What if the teacher doesn't have a make-up slot available during the 7 day period?

A. This is rare, and in this case the teacher will sometimes open up a special slot to accommodate the student.  If this is not possible then the canceled lesson would be added to the end of the program.

Q. As an existing student, why do I have to make my tuition payment on the last lesson of my current program for the next program?  Can't I just wait till the first lesson of the next program to make the payment?

A. The reason we ask that the tuition payment be made a lesson in advance is to confirm whether or not the student wants to continue for another program. Remitting a payment at that time secures your slot for the next program. Informing us at that time that you do not wish to continue gives us a full week to fill that vacant slot for the teacher.