Instrument Sales and Equipment
BMS offers great deals on instruments and music-related equipment. All of our items are purchased at special discounts only offered to music schools.  As a result, these huge savings are passed on to you.

After your order is placed with us, items are then shipped directly to BMS for pickup.  You'll never have to pay any shipping or handling's that simple.  Call BMS to place your order and get the best deals in town.

In Stock Items

Drum Heads
- Evans and Aquarian.  We have many sizes for the snare, bass drum and toms.

Drum Accessories - Bass drum mufflers/beater pads, d
rum sticks, metronomes, stick bags, headphones, practice pads and drumset mutes.

Music Accessories - Tuners, music stands, bulk staff paper and small gifts.
  Call us for pricing and availability.